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AI policy at Wikenigma

AI-generated content

In the light of recent developments and proliferation of online AI systems, it should be stressed that Wikenigma's current policy is that all of the content should be entirely of human authorship.

It's perhaps inevitable that some AI-generated content will eventually be featured - as even 'peer-reviewed' academic papers are now appearing with some auto-generated content. Largely unidentified as such.

Current (2024) estimates are that around 1% of recently published academic papers feature some LLM-generated content - including non-existent citations etc. In some fields, such as Computer Science, the number reaches over 17% (ref.)

Wikenigma's current editorial policy is to remove any content found to be AI-generated.

AI scraping and re-using

The terms of the Creative Commons Licence which all Wikenigma content uses - CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 - explicitly prohibits the re-use of material without proper attribution. Therefore any 'scraping' of text or images for re-use by AI systems (which don't give attributions) is automatically prohibited.

For the avoidance of doubt, Wikenigma does not permit any re-use of any content by any AI systems.

Also see Wikipedia's AI policy (in development).

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