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Musicogenic seizures

A Musicogenic Seizure is a rare medical condition featuring epileptic-like seizures after exposure to music.

The seizures can be immediate, or delayed by a few minutes after heaing music - occasionally hours.

The mainstream current viewpoint is that the condition may be associated with a strong emotional response to the music rather than the musical sounds themselves. And that these emotional responses somehow cause adverse bio-chemical and/or bio-electrical changes in the brain which trigger the seizures. However, there is no concrete understanding of the possible mechanisms involved.

The scientific literature on this topic is very limited. Individual case studies have stated that patients report techniques they use to stop seizures such as distraction, but these have not been explored. Online forums seem to suggest the condition is more common than the scientific literature states, and so may be a useful resource to consider.

Source :Bioscience Horizons, Volume 10, 2017

Note that epileptic seizuresplugin-autotooltip__plain plugin-autotooltip_bigEpilepsy

"Epilepsy is a chronic noncommunicable disease of the brain that affects around 50 million people worldwide. It is characterized by recurrent seizures, which are brief episodes of involuntary movement that may involve a part of the body (partial) or the entire body (generalized) and are sometimes accompanied by loss of consciousness and control of bowel or bladder function. Seizure episodes are a result of excessive electrical discharges in a group of brain cells. Different parts of โ€ฆ
themselves have not been completely explained.

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